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Watch and drool! Over the shoes, of course LOL

Magnifique! Take a tour of Christian Louboutin's office

The shoemaker, who suffered a minor defeat in his red-sole lawsuit today, is shown in his Paris store and work space. Although short, the clip is long enough to show some of the craftmanship that goes into a Louboutin — almost justifying the sky-high price tag that accompanies his sky-high heels. This sneak peak is the latest installment in a series of clips from the upcoming documentary, God Save My Shoes. You can see the other clip, which dives deep into the storied shoe closet at Vogue, here.


Christian Louboutin Interviewed on RTE, Shows Off His Favorite Shoes

This is actually a very good, in-depth interview. Learn how Louboutin first got into shoes, why he painted the soles red and see a few of his favorite styles! Around 12:00 Christian explains why men find women sexy in high heels. Hilariously accurate!!


Interview with Giuseppe Zanotti in Beverly Hills

Grand Opening of Giuseppe Zanotti's shoe store in Beverly Hills. Enjoy as I chat with this captivating man about his beautiful shoe collection.


YouTube - Saks Fifth Avenue - Giuseppe Zanotti Exclusive Interview

It's obvious he loves women, and loves what he does! "I think about silhouette...woman's body...I represent woman's body with shoes. This part (the heel) is the most important, sexy part of the shoes."



Ah, Brian Atwood. Talking about SATC, shoes, and his fave flavor of gelato :)


YouTube - Christian Louboutin's Interview on NETAPORTER's Channel

Christian Louboutin was brought up with his mother and older sisters. Surrounded by women, he's learned a thing or two about women. "A woman has a lot of characters."


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